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All That I Love: Drawing Poems

"To draw, close your eyes and sing.” “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child… It takes a long time to become young." — Pablo Picasso

"Poetry is the origin of language." — Martin Heidegger 

"It is a gift if you can keep your childlike sense of wonder." — Jeff Bezos 

Discover "All That I Love: DrawingPoems," a masterpiece crafted with love,wisdom and creativity, designed to ignite your inner spark and nurture your spirit. This book, part of the Be Bold series by HINA, is not just a read — it's a soul-nurturing journey of appreciating the ineffable beauty and heartfelt love in daily life, a treasure trove of emotions, that brings a smile to your face and love to your soul.

“Stunningly Beautiful”:

Outstanding Art Illustration of Emotions

“To my amazement, I'm very surprised by the author's drawing. I like and love the drawings... The colors and strokes of her pen in every drawing she has made are stunningly beautiful. I am giving this book a 5 out of 5 stars rating because of the outstanding art illustration of emotions." - Jeremie Mondejar, official editorial review by

Delve into the pages of "All That I Love" and enjoy the unique beauty and joy created by the synergy between each pair of short poem and abstract drawings.. From the vibrant strokes of her pen to the heartfelt words that dance on the canvas of life, HINA's one of a kind creations remind us to appreciate the ineffable beauty of daily encounters and existence.

Celebrate Love:

Heart Connection Is Timeless

Love is simple, genuine, calm and kind. Let HINA guide you on a path of pure love.Through her wise words and colorful paintings, HINA invites you to embrace and celebrate all that you love: the people, animals, flowers, clouds, and watermelons.  From friendship to family or encounters with strangers, we experience genuine love and kindness and heart connections to cherish for life. The title “All That I Love” is given by President Rosanne Somerson, the 17th President of Rhode Island of Design (RISD).

A Priceless Gift for Your Heart and Soul

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the gift of "All That I Love." Immerse yourself in the beauty of simple poetry, the enchantment of abstract whimsical drawings and paintings from one liners to colorful habitats or animals beyond definition, and the deep wisdom and boundless life energy that makes you pause, smile, laugh, contemplate, excited, touched, curious, and fully alive. This book is a timeless treasure and a source of inspiration that sparks your creativity, warms your soul, and makes your day brighter.

Awaken Childlike Wonder And Imagination

Award-winning artist HINA’s whimsical colorful drawings and paintings with unique profound poems evoke profound joy, excitement, curiosity, imagination, and love. They remind us of the magical babies or inner children we are born to be and will always be regardless of the change of our physicality. We do not need to be defined by ages. As pure love and wonder, we are timeless.Embrace the beauty within and embark on a transformative journey with the only artist and poet that creates these exclusive unique pairings of drawings and poemss on the market. 

In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, let HINA be your guide to a place of serenity, beauty, and love. Embrace the magic within, be bold, and discover the boundless joy, excitement, fun, wisdom, and you that awaits in the pages of "All That I Love."

Benefits from the book

  • A thought-provoking and one of a kind art experience of simple poems with abstract colorful drawings that evoke profound beautiful emotions within you
  • A book that makes you feel loved and feel love others
  • A book that will make you smile and warm your heart
  • A fun, simple yer profound read that helps you see the beauty in the small things and appreciate life.
  • Embrace and awaken your inner childlike wonder 
  • Enhance your inner luxury and richness.Thosee priceless and immeasurable love is true luxury of life. Sparks your personal creativity and joy 
  • Feeling like receiving a warm hug each time you pick up the book. Cozy and Heartwarming reading for yourself and your loved ones

Who is the book for:

  • Great gift to show love for friends, couples, children, and parents.
  • Poetry lovers especially those who enjoy short simple poems with profound wisdom
  • Those who appreciate abstract drawings and paintings 
  • Those who love the combination of poetry with drawings and paintings
  • People who want to awaken their inner childlike wonder through artistic creativity.
  • For anyone who wants to spark creativity and joy 
  • Parents who want to inspire the artistic creativity within their children. 
  • This is the best drawing&painting&poetry book to inspire creativity and artistic sense in children and adults because it allows them to discover their inner voice and boundless expression in writing and drawing or painting non-judgementally. 
  • Anyone looking for a smile or needing something to lighten their soul; great for bringing positivity to your life.

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