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Eternal Baby Ring

Introducing the prestigious Eternal Baby Ring by HINA, a sterling symbol of self-love, infinite worth and eternal beauty. Crafted with passion by Hina Cao, the brilliant mind behind HINA and Five Keys of Self-Love, this luxurious jewelry piece embodies the essence of self-love and prosperity.

The Beginning Story of

Eternal Baby Ring

One day, a friend, knowing her book Five Keys of Self Love, said to Hina that her first jewelry line shall be a ring, a self-love ring. Because before or even after we commit to anyone, we need to first and forever commit to ourselves. Hina felt it such a beautiful idea and decided to create an Eternal Baby Ring to love oneself as a baby. When she shared this with a group of amazing ladies, a mother’s heartfelt response touched Hina’s heart and made her see the significant meaning and importance of the self-love ring in each individual’s or family’s lifelong journey.

This mother said, “When a girl has a Quinceanera (15th bday) we often gift jewelry - what a beautiful idea to be able to gift a commitment ring to her so she can make a commitment to herself and develop an abundance of love for herself. Getting this for my daughter. Keep us posted. 🥺😍❤️❤️”

The Meaning Behind

Our Luxury Ring

The Eternal Baby Ring holds a profound message within its exceptionally elegant design of tender hearts blossoming like a flower. As you slip this ring onto your finger, you make a lifelong commitment to yourself. You declare that you love yourself unconditionally, with a love as pure and boundless as that for a baby. This high fashion ring serves as a reminder of the timeless and magnificent wonder that resides within you, a creation of the infinite universe itself.

Its essence is beautifully and instinctively captured in this poem written by Hina on 2.22.2024. On 2.22.2023, Hina instinctively painted the heart that became the well-loved cover for Five Keys of Self Love. This Eternal Baby Ring capturing an open and full heart represents the unconditional love that is who we truly are and the same cosmic material of the infinite universe that makes us magnificent beings.


Eternal Baby Ring

I am committed to myself
for life and eternity
I love myself unconditionally
completely immeasurably as a baby
the timeless magnificent wonder
created by the infinite universe
I receive overflowing love
joy, prosperity, and magic into my being
until they overflow blossoming and
fulfilling other souls and the world

I give this ring to you as
I love you as my
eternal baby

A Priceless Gift for Generations to Cherish:

Overflowing Blessings of Love, Joy, Prosperity, and Magic

With each wear, the Eternal Baby Ring bestows upon you overflowing love, joy, prosperity, and magic. These blessings infuse your being, allowing them to overflow and touch the lives of others, enriching souls and the world around you. This luxury jewelry ring is a symbol of being, giving and receiving pure unconditional love, of self-love that radiates outwards to embrace all.

As a token of this profound love and unending commitment, the Eternal Baby Ring invites you to cherish and love yourself unconditionally as an eternal baby. It is a priceless gift and beautiful reminder for yourself, your spouses, children, and loved ones that you love them as eternal babies and that they shall love themselves unconditionally for life. No matter what happens in life and how long time passes by, this pure love and bond between you give the wearer illuminating light, innate joy, unwavering strength, and immeasurable power. It brings a smile to your heart and soul whenever you see its elegant grace and the gold and diamond sparkle. It is an invaluable gem to be passed down for generations and uplift the trajectory of a family with its infinite power of pure love. Embrace the infinite love that is within and surrounds you, nurture it, and watch as it blooms in your life and in the hearts of those around you. We can customize it for you and your loved ones with your birthstone, diamond, and gold in diverse colors.

Embrace self-love, joy, and prosperity with luxury jewelry from Hina Cao.

Let this exquisite piece of art and a priceless gem adorn your finger as a beautiful reminder of your infinite worth and commitment to give yourself abundant unconditional love every day and all your life Let Eternal Baby Ring nourish your loved ones and shine on their fingers reminding them of your loving them as eternal babies, they are of infinite worth to you, and their own self love. The greatest love we can give to oneself or another is to support them to be who they are and love themselves. You have made the greatest choice to show love by choosing the Eternal Baby Ring. Each Eternal Baby Ring comes with the Eternal Baby Ring poem, signed and blessed by Hina for each individual wearer.

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