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Five Keys of Self Love: How To Be Your Magical Self and Live Your Joyful Life (Be Bold series)

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Unleash Your Magic and Power: Master the Five Keys to a Magical, Bold You and Unlock Your Joyful, Extraordinary Life!

"I've no doubt it will light up souls."

— Joe Gebbia, Co-founder of Airbnb

This is a magical book and guide of self-love, rooted in the pure love of oneself and one another. Five-star author Hina Yu Cao has revealed that we are born to love and be loved and essentially made of the same cosmic material as the infinite universe. The love of oneself and one another are two sides of the same coin. This book serves as a beacon, guiding you back to your essence of pure love. The purity and beauty of wisdom in this book has illuminated and transformed countless lives, including the author. Being revealed of the truth of the universe, Hina is compelled by joy, love, and responsibility to share this enlightening wisdom with you, igniting your spirit, one soul at a time.

This book is for the bold, the audacious, dreamers, misfits, game changers, and the courageous who want to live an extraordinary, joyful, and satisfying life, spread love, change the world, expand human consciousness, and achieve the impossible, whether it is in self-mastery, love relationships, business, health, or any other areas of life. This is a self-love book with an 80-trillion-people vision and civilization-level thinking that expands our imagination and influences the future of humanity.

It is a perfect gift of love for yourself, your partner, sisters, brothers, children, parents, and friends—people you love and care about to support their self-love and personal growth.

It is a must-read for people who struggle with unhappiness, low self-worth, self-esteem, or confidence, poor self-care, lack of inner peace or authenticity, survival modes, scarcity mindset, limiting beliefs, and unfulfilling relationships.

The truth is self love sets the limit of the love we allow ourselves to experience. Now is time to end this vicious cycle and enjoy the amazing love and life you desire by mastering self love once and for all. Embrace the process and watch your life transform with enduring joy.

With pure love and heart, 
Hina graciously hands you the Five Magical Keys of Self Love, distilled from ancient wisdom, groundbreaking science, rich life experiences, and profound contemplationThese keys are your timeless compass, leading you toward an infinitely bright, beautiful, magical being, life, and future.

No.1 Key is to Love Yourself Unconditionally. It means to Accept Yourself Fully, Forgive Yourself Fully, and Love Yourself As A Baby.

No. 2 Key is to Know Yourself Fully. When you know yourself fully, you Own Your Truth and Power, Know Your Likes and Dislikes, and Build Unbreakable Confidence.

No.3 Key is to Enjoy Simple Pleasures in life. It covers our five fundamental needs as human beings and how to best fulfill them so we naturally feel well and joyful in daily life: Sleep Well, Nourish Well, Exercise Well, Think Well, and Touch Well.

No.4 Key is to Be Bold. That is the only way to greatness. This power is within you and accessible to all of us. It offers three toolkits: Being The Future, Thinking Long Term and Cultivating Deep Attention. They are what transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

No.5 Key is Creating A Magical Life. It covers five elevated needs that bring us to a heightened level of holistic wellness and success: Connect Well, Purpose Well, Grow Well, Prosper Well, and Be Well. They create a life of lasting true love, joy, purpose, wonder, abundance, and prosperity.

Self-love and pure joy are your birthrights and lifelong necessity. Now is the time to create an amazingly beautiful future for yourself and your loved ones with these Five Magical Keys. Pamper yourself and get a copy today.

Five Keys of Self Love: How To Be Your Magical Self and Live Your Joyful Life (Be Bold series)
Five Keys of Self Love: How To Be Your Magical Self and Live Your Joyful Life (Be Bold series) Sale price$39.99