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Eternal Baby Ring - Yellow Gold Diamond Self Love Ring

Sale price$4,950.00

,Forever Baby Ring is the first Self Love Ring of its kind exclusively created by HINA.

Its original spirit is captured in Hina Cao's poem inspired to write on Feb 22, 2024:

Forever Baby Ring  

I am committed to myself 

for life and eternity

I love myself unconditionally

completely immeasurably as a baby

the timeless magnificent wonder 

created by the infinite universe 

I receive overflowing love

joy, prosperity, and magic into my being 

until they overflow blossoming and fulfilling other souls and the world 

I give this ring to you as I love you as my eternal baby 

Hina Yu Cao



Purposefully designed by Hina Cao, a luxury influencer, a self-love guru, a great author of “Five Keys of Self Love”, and founder of HINA. The Self Love Heart Ring isn't just exquisite jewelry; it symbolizes self-appreciation and a constant companion on your journey of self-love. Sparkling diamonds, meticulously set in a delicate heart-shaped design, whisper a powerful message: You are worthy.

  • Embrace Your Inner Light: Diamonds, known for their brilliance, capture the inner strength and beauty you possess.

  • A Daily Pledge: Wearing the Self Love Heart Ring signifies a commitment to self-care and cherishing yourself.

  • Confidence with Every Glance: Let the ring be a source of empowerment, reminding you of your worth whenever it catches your eye.

Crafted for You:

Available in various precious metals (warm yellow gold, cool white gold or platinum, or romantic rose gold) to perfectly complement your style. Choose from lab-grown or natural dazzling diamonds in a sparkling cluster with or without a birthstone(s) to further personalize your ring.

The Self Love Heart Ring: Because You Deserve Love

Surprise a loved one with this meaningful piece. It's a perfect present for a daughter embarking on a new adventure, a friend who needs a pick-me-up, or simply a reminder to someone special that they are loved – by you and, most importantly, by themselves.

Invest in Yourself. Celebrate You. Find Your Spark.

Shop The Self Love Heart Ring Collection Today.

Eternal Baby Ring - Yellow Gold Diamond Self Love Ring
Eternal Baby Ring - Yellow Gold Diamond Self Love Ring Sale price$4,950.00