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Tape Is Drawing

Tape Is Drawing

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When I created this piece, I felt the tape was creating expressions on its own. I felt amazed by the vibrancy and energy in this immersive, open-minded space of having the tape create itself. I followed the energy that emerged from the unknown. I felt much joy, excitement, and wonder witnessing the life energy emerge and flourish on the paper. 

At one point, I felt the instinct to use a pin to create a pattern and then carve out the paper and collage it. In the interactive and intuitive process of creating and de-creating, I felt balance and ease releasing control and the known and let the unknown take its own lead and speak its own language.

Tape is drawing

make a drawing of

your drawing instrument with

your drawing instrument

tape draws itself

precision of materiality


in the freedom of precision

tape draws itself

be free as you want

tape will draw as precise

as it can

precision is materiality

precision of not knowing

tape is drawing

drawing is tape


marker, pencil, ink, tape on paper, 30x42in Tape is drawing

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