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Tiger Bird

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I felt an instinct to draw and paint a tiger and a bird. A tiger and bird from my childhood. They are whimsical and have fun with each other. I felt carefree joy and childlike wonder. I painted a fish as I felt a fish. I felt stars and night and painted fields of yellow and blue.

I doodled with pencil on cotton paper and had fun listening to their sound: their conversation emerged on paper. Some moments are quiet. Some moments are loud. Some moments are tense. Some moments dissolve into stars. Some moments become undefinable marks. Some moments are cat's whiskers. At one moment, a cow emerges. Each moment is. Does not need to be anything. I was there with them. I felt like there was no beginning or end and a timeless flow. 


Tiger bird

freer than

being a child



Oil pastel, marker, pencil on cotton paper 

Tiger Bird
Tiger Bird Sale price$369,000.00